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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Essay 3: Global Warming, Climatic Change and Destruction


Human existence is in danger of disorder and destruction. This becomes apparent for every human being who stands back and observes nature in which he lives. Global Warming and Climate Change is threatening our existence. The whole world is speaking about it. Organizations have sprung up and Governments are spending billions on closely monitoring and watching Climate Change. The temples of science have come with many causes for Global Warming and Climate Change. Intellectuals organization with huge funding have organized summit to discuss ways to solve this danger that humanity is facing. Business houses and organization have jumped the bandwagon to promote their brand or develop products to cater this new hype about Global warming and Climate Change. But the truth is that we do not know the actual reason for Global warming and Climate Change thus we have no real solution to survive the disaster coming or way. It is apparent that Global warming and climate change is related to time/energy. We need to understand the secret of energy flow in nature if we have to battle the Global warming effectively.

The modern world and its mind thinks and looks to solution to every problem through the same binocular, which is the cause for the present state of the world. Here, I make a humble effort to bring your mind to Certain New Level of thinking and cause a change in direction.. By the ignorance of the Truth of Nature human mind is exploiting nature, breeding violence, war, terrorism and making the earth a “RED EARTH”. I believe human mind and its thinking should be transformed, to make a “EARTH GREEN”

Honestly speaking Global warming and Climate Change, the unstable state of Sun and Cosmos, the natural catastrophes etc., is not the problem which made me leave behind everything and dissolve the little material wealth my parents left me and struggle relentlessly to tap the door of the world. I believe the whole and me are connected. My survival exists in relation to yours. I could not sit back when I perceive dangers to the world. My principle concern is “Knowledge Explosion”. The knowledge human has accumulated regarding nature and life till 1950’s has doubled in the next 40years. This again has doubled in the next 10years. Since then aided by media explosion, it is doubling at a very fast rate. It is expected that present knowledge will double by end 2010.

What concerns me is that the knowledge that is exploding is the inferior knowledge or the knowledge of matter. We know that matter is gravitational or centripetal and that in time it tends to collapse to a point and energy of it shred the system. This means we by ignorance are inching towards self destruction. Our knowledge of nature is incomplete and partial. The modern world has grown by virtue of material power and works for self advancement. His mind has been engaged in splitting to sustain and advance his self by forgetting the “Higher Self”. My first concern is about human thinking. I believe human mind and its thinking is the root cause for Global Warming Climate Change, increasing disorder, increasing instability and so on.. We should have paradigm shift in thinking from material to living knowledge

Two laws govern the existence of energy. They are the First law of thermodynamics and second law of thermodynamics. The first law tells us that everything in nature can eventually be deduced to heat and that one form of force or energy can only be transformed into another form of energy but it cannot be destroyed. The second law states that every time one form of energy is converted into another form of energy some heat is lost. This means, the heat of the medium or the environment should increase unilaterally and cause disorder and shredding of the universal system. When heat of a system increases, common sense tells us that disorder of the system increase in parallel. For example see the particle of coffee powder or tea powder moving in water as the heat rises. Actually we humans are experiencing this boiling and we are the cause for this boiling.

The knowledge that humanity has accumulated comes from mind that directs to two possible direction; one when it directs to the outer world of matter and the other to the inner world of life. The mind which aligns with matter engages in material exploitation seeking self advancement and mind that turns to inner world moves to spiritual knowledge. But both these exploration is limited by the boundaries it lays. In science the languages limits its expression and in spirituality the religions limits. Thus, the enquirer fails to sees the truth that exists next to his skin. The reason is that individual mind is always attached with self and is bonded

The Global Warming, Climate Change, instability, disorder and destruction we are witnessing can be directly related to human mind aligning with matter and exploiting it unilaterally without understanding the truth and functioning of nature and its oneness. If you stand back and observe nature and the energy flow in which we exist, we note that earth and the energy flow in which all known life exist works like a double pump or heart. When west awakes to sunlight, and the material matter in it unwinds and goes into disorder, the east simultaneously goes into darkness and order. It acts as a sink for the energy. The earth and solar system is designed such that when the sunlight peaks in the west simultaneously darkness peaks in the east and they give way to the opposite.

This makes us think, is Universe a Living System? It also gives human mind a new platform to enquire, explore and grow. This is explored in my site at length and it gives new foundation for it. The vision of the universe as a living system is not new. Our ancient spiritual system speaks exhaustively about it. Even modern science has come one circle back to realize that universe is somehow is living [Gaia Hypothesis and Quantum interpretations]. But they are failing to comprehend this truth from the binoculars which they use.

The solution to Global warming, Climate Change disorder and Destruction that humanity is facing has to emerge from changing the direction of our look. There is a breath to the universe or “Energy Rhythm” in 24 hour cycle or clock. Let us call it “Earth Rhythm”. Or “Quantum Dance of Earth” We know that life has an inherent biological clock which tries to adjust to this earth’s clock. This is called “Biorhythm” All life should be understood as struggle to maintain its “Biological Rhythm” in relation “Earth’s Rhythm”. This dance exists not only in life, but even hydrogen atom. All system in nature is aware of time. The only exception I see is humans.

The “Earth’s rhythm” and the “Biorhythm” are interconnected. When “Earth’s rhythm” is positive and healthy, the enclosed life and systems are positive and healthy. When “Earth’s Rhythm” is negative, the enclosed life is unhealthy and tends death. Earth rhythm is positive, when humans are positive. Let me interpret this way earths rhythm is positive when human mind aligns with Mind of God and works within law. Earth’s rhythm is negative when humans turn self and aligns with his inferior mind

The present day disordered world is the direct product of breaking the “Earth’s Energy Rhythm”. What this means is that the Cause for Global Warming and Climate Change is directly related to breaking “Earth’s Energy Rhythm”

We have interfered into the day and night cycle or ordering and disordering phase of earth energy cycle. In our material quest we have unilaterally increased the heat content and we have interfered into vital ordering phase or the dark phase of earth’s energy cycle. We know that soul and life’s force works to repair the system when the mind is asleep. Similarly Earth works creatively to maintain order when the darkness fall.

The modern world in its material quest and attempt to rule the world by material power has unilaterally disrupted the capacity of earth to function creatively and self-organize to sustain order. To understand this, just imagine the energy flow in earth with plants. The plant absorbs sunlight and energy and thus works against disorder, when the night falls they use the energy and matter creatively and grow against gravity and time direction. This opposition of life and matter is proven by second law thermodynamics applied to life and material system. The activity of plants life guards the material world against the gravitational collapse. But the plant life when unchecked can create time direction to anti-gravitational collapse.

Now if we visualize plant and animals together it gives three dimensions to energy flow in nature. Three dimensions give more stability to nature and its design. The plants and animals never interfere into day and night cycle or “Earth’s energy Rhythm”. A time direction to nature and disruption of energy flow in earth leading to disorder and destruction emerges when we visualize earth with Human Beings. All living systems lives by instinct only human live by the mind. The mind attached to matter, aligns with matter force and creates a time direction to disorder and death or gravitational collapse. The solution to Global warming, Climate Change, disorder, destruction and death exist in detaching the mind from matter and turn the mind to soul and spirit. This however cannot be done, unless the modern world and its foundation is reviewed and corrected. I have spent one life time selflessly on it. Please read and explore my site “Awakening to truth”

The modern world is constructed on one simple force called gravity. The second law of thermodynamics applied to it, tells us that the universe will collapse to a point. Einstein, whose work led to the Big Bang Theory, probably knew before hand that his work leads to nonsensical conclusion of collapse of the whole universal system into a non defined infinitely small point. He did introduce the concept of Anti-gravity and retreated from it probably because he was not able to comprehend its source and the entire picture of nature. I present to you what Einstein failed to give you – the source of Anti-gravity. The source of anti-gravity is life. Nature needs to be understood as interaction two forces. Even the existence of one cell will stop the world from collapse and it calls us to re-visualize the Big Bang Theory. In the exception of adult human’s earth and its energy flow is stable. A time direction to disorder comes’s form human mind that seeks self.

No wonder Bible tells us Humans were created with a Law. The law resists humans from eating form the tree at the center. But time is inevitable. The Biblical revelation to me tells that this law was a “resistive law” resisting humanity from aligning his mind exclusively with material force and lead the world to a collapse. This “Biblical Reality” and “Truth of Nature” can only be explained by viewing universe as living. The ancient seems to have understood this secret or the Truth of Nature. But this knowledge of life or the Light of Life and Nature seems to have lost to humans during the time cycle and hence he has shifted into darkness and death. Bible relates it to Adam eating the forbidden fruit. Second part of Bible however gives hope of seeing the Lost Light, transformation and restoration. This is supported by other scriptures. The Calvary as Creation Secret is well written in Yajurveda vs 30-31. Let me not go further into spiritual aspect.

We must note that flow and motion is the basic feature of nature. A flow necessitates two parts a right and left or vice-versa. Max Planck has proved that energy flow occurs in quantum manner. A perpetual and cyclic flow can only be visualized from ratio which alternates between two states [Say 4:3 and 3:4]. This should be the basic design of the smallest particle and the whole universal system.

Nature in fact is designed in pairs [ males and female] of such dancing system that balances each other. The best example is the day and night cycle manifesting between West and East simultaneously and in which all life exists. This is “Biorhythm of Earth” This Rhythm is stable between two limits. When pushed to the limit beyond which the system has to collapse in favor on one cycle depending on the time direction.

Time direction from materialistic thinking tells that universe has two phases one leading to collapse to the center and the other leading to expansion. But science has failed to comprehend it comprehensively. In contrast to this life and its reproductive phase gives an explanation as to how universe exist and perpetuates in time cycles. Here the dominant dissolves into the recessive to form into one and later it emerges to form two and take control. In the transition state there is only one world. The ancient spiritual world called it monistic state and dualistic state, manifesting state [womb state] and the manifested state and so on. In the manifested state a law exists. In the manifesting state what exists is Love and Forgiveness

Our hope of surviving Global warming and Climate Change exits in knowing the Truth of Nature or recovering the lost Knowledge. In other words it exists in knowing the Living Universe Theory and bringing change in our thinking about nature. There is hope for the world only in this realization.

Good News of Global Warming

We did see “energy rhythm” or “quantum dance” in 12 hour cycle. If you care observe nature, we see this cycle is embedded in a bigger cycle of 12 month where the climatic phases peaks and gives way to the opposite. Here when the heat and disordering phase peaks, the water evaporates. The plant which forms the base of the food chain is stressed. This in turn stresses all the ecological strata. But nature is designed such that the unseen force of life emerges as cloud cutting sunlight coming to earth. The dry heat now gives way for wet heat. Plants and animals senses this changes and prepares it self for change. If you observe and experiment we note the moment cloud comes and dry heat turns to wet heat, the plants show physiological changes. The reproductive growth shifts into vegetative. However this is the tough period for life. Only those which read nature and change closely survive. If the period is extended the life struggles and pays a huge price. The seeding of the cloud such that it manifest as rain and gives new life has come from life it self. Every life when it stresses seeks life from above. The only exception is a human who works to snatch what is available in the next door. As scientist I used to mock at people who conduct prayers for rain. Today after knowing the Truth I do it that is the change that has come in me.

History tells that the 12 month climatic cycle in turn is embedded 12 year cycle with its own peak. This is recorded by science. The knowledge of time and energy cycle of the ancient is very deep. Even a bird’s eye view shows the immense depth in the ancient knowledge system such as Vedas and Mayans. It reflects in their cultures very much. The Mayans who are called time keepers of the world have predicted that the present time cycle ends in 2012 Dec 21. Similar end and new beginning is predicted in Bible, Vedas, and other scriptures. Christian may not approve such accurate prediction. Because it said only the Father knows the exact time. However, a Biblical prediction relates to the action that takes place in the spiritual world, the Mayans have predicted it based on the observation of the manifestation of this spiritual action. The Mayan prediction is based on certain stellar configuration. So they are not contradicting.

These predictions are associated with great many catastrophes and miseries to humankind. Bible compares it to the pains of pregnant women before she delivers. Just as warming encloses the Good Sign of life force coming, birth pain encloses sign of happy moments, the Global warming and climatic changes increasing natural catastrophes has positive content hidden in it. They are stressing humanity awaken to his consciousness and take New Life and gain New Mind and thinking.

It is stressing humanity to awaken to truth and come to His senses and transform smoothly to New Time Cycle.

I am sure this will happen; we will see a Golden Period, where Justice and Truth will prevail over and untruth, where life force rules and give life and order. The only question left is how much more disorder and destruction should occur before humanity awakens to truth.


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