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Thursday, November 10, 2011

I have a Dream


I have a Dream

My dream is to become a doctor when I'm older and to go to Harvard. I also hope that I would get a M.D. After I go to Harvard I would like to spend another year studying medical at Princeton or Yale or maybe even Stanford basically all the colleges in the Ivy League.
What inspired me to be a doctor is because my grandmother has a weird vein in her arm that doesn't work right and I want to heal her arm. And also help other people who are hurt, injured, or just need help. I also want to help my alive grandfather who is having a severe case of a heart attack.
The bad thing is that every dream has a beginning or an ending. One day I would have to retire and while I retire I want to start writing stories and be famous as an author.
-by Terence

I Have a Dream!

My dream is to be a cartoonist, I read the comics every morning. I draw faces to practice. I can do almost any expression. One of my favorite quotes by a cartoonist is: "I didn't want to be president, I wanted to be Charles Schultz" By Scott Adams. (Writer of "Dilbert")
I enjoy laughing and making other people laugh. My favorite cartoonists are: Bill Watterson, "Calvin and Hobbes", Charles Schultz, "Peanuts", Scott Adams, "Dilbert", and Gary Larson, "The Far Side". I've even read comics in Italian.
My more realistic goal is to be a doctor. ( An interventional radiologist) The kind of doctor that I want to be is like a surgeon but instead of cutting you open you use slits and wires. I enjoy helping people and I get hurt a lot. All of my dreams are what I'd enjoy and enjoy later in life.

" I Have a Dream "

I have a dream about playing basketball. I would be in the NBA and be the leading player in every game I play. I would be on the Bulls, and also on basketball cards all over the world. When I would play, people would cheer for me and have my name on t-shirts. Best of all, I would have personalized shoes, and cologne named after me.
One bad thing about this dream is that you wouldn't have any privacy. If you tried to go to a supermarket, people would flood in just to see you and they would ask you for autographs. Because they'd do this, I'd get pretty mad.
I'd like being a professional basketball player, but I prefer playing college basketball. There's less pressure on you, and less people watching you.
This is my dream, and I hope it comes true.
-by Jami

I Have a Dream

I have a dream that someday I will become a dancer. I will do flips and turns, and jumps, with twirls. I will be in ballet, jazz, gym, and funk. I love to dance. I am a lovely, spunky ten year old that loves to show off.
When I get older, I'd dance in the Julliard, or New York dance schools. I'd be in performances like The Nutcracker, or maybe Coppelia. I hope they don't stop performing those shows by the time I can be in them. I'd have a very strict teacher. I could be one of the best in the world.
Right now I am just a little 10 year old girl that has ballet shoes including toe, but I don't practice because I have no time. I'm pretty good at ballet, jazz, gym, and funk. I know someday I will be a great dancer.
-by Shaza

I Have A Dream

Sometimes I have dreams that are really scary that I just want to burstout and scream! Sometimes I have dreams that are smooth and calm. but sometimes I want to have a dream that sees what's happening in the future?
If I could see what's happening in the future, I would picture myself as a singer/songwriter. I'd be a singer just like Alanis Moricette. If I could do any song, I would do songs about the world. I also would do a song about the rainforest and not to destroying it.
If I could dream about a future house, I'd want a farm in Santa Barbara and having a lot of horses. I also would dream in the future that everything would be in peace.
I wonder how it would feels like to be a singer. I'll figure it out when I grow older.
-By Justine

''I Have a Dream,too!''

My dream is that our world, will be friends. It doesn't matter if you are a different religion or color, it doesn't mater if you are blind, deaf, or even paralyzed. On the inside, we are all the same. People may look different or act different, God made us all special. If any person or thing is different, that doesn't mean that they are stupid or weird, that just means that God made that person or thing special.
Ever since I was four years old, my family has been touched. My brother was born very small, sick and very early, because my mother was very sick at the time. At the age of 18 months, we found out that my brother, Sean, was deaf. My family treats him as if he could hear. He goes to Moulton Elementary School, and does fabulous. By being with normal hearing kids, helps him pick up more words, like: cool, yucky, and go to your chair!
Sean is the best brother in the whole world.
- By: Alyssa

"I Have a Dream"

This is a dream that I have wanted for about two and a half years. The dream I have is for my dad to be able to move and walk. Most children do have a dad that is able to move. My dad broke his neck by turning his back to the ocean which is a very unusual thing. My dad is very smart with computers.
I want this dream because I want to play sports with my dad and to be able to communicate with him better. I also want to be able to go shopping with him more. I also want to jump on my trampoline with him one day.
I want to be able to do those things because I really haven't ever done them in a long time with my dad. HE IS THE GREATEST!!!
-By Adnan

"I Have A Dream"

I have a dream, that someday in the future, I will be a writer and a school teacher. I want to be a school teacher as my main job, but in my spare time I want to write stories. I want to be a school teacher because I want to help teach children to learn. I want to be a writer because I love reading other authors books, if I could add more books to those already made, I would be very thankful.
- By Sophia Gloria Steele
Mission Viejo, CA
St. Margaret's Episcopal School
5th grade

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