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Friday, August 17, 2012

Arakan Community Write an Open Letter to UN GS Ban Ki-Moon

UN Headquarter
760 United Nations Plaza, New York
New York 10017,
The United States of America
13 August 2012
Dear Honorable Secretary General Ban Ki-moon;
Subject:                               : An alternative vision of solving the  so-called Rohingya problems by the international body of UN,  including ASEAN, IOC, the neighboring Bangladesh and Pakistan.
With respect, on behalf of my organization and the Arakanese (Rakhine) communities in Malaysia, I would like to express our sincerity and envision you how to solve these Bengali immigrant (Rohingya) problems in Burma whereas the international community has the role to play for these solutions.   
In fact the international community has been wrongfully approaching the Rohingya problems in line with the previous military junta’s rights abuses and international condemnation for over the last two decades.  It is 2012 and the new quasi civilian government managing the state affairs. You are kindly requested to envision a new approach.  
The United Nations even extremely terms the Rohingya “the most persecuted” people in the world. It is side taking and even fueling the Burma’s internal illegal immigrant issues to the international dispute. If this goes on for the long term dispute, it may even lead to a regional conflict and instability. We urge the international body to be neutral, pragmatic, and reasonable.  
Burma has been founded by the eight main ethnic people, Burman, Chain, Kachin, Karen, Karenii, Mon, Rakhine, and the Shan, since 1947.The founding father nationalities and their national values make the Burma as of the present sovereign state. Their values and aspiration of the founding father nationalities should be respected, of which the 1948 and 1982 citizenship laws is enumerated whereas after the date of the Yandabo peace treaty signed between the British and the Burmese on 24 February 1826, whoever comes to the Burma are the new comers but not the natives. For those who want to be citizens of Burma should follow the eligibility of the citizenships laws.    
As the Interior Minister U Khin Ye said during the press conference in Rangoon on 1 August 2012, there is no such name of Rohingya ethnic. But the new term Rohingya recently created by the some Bengali leaders has its own meaning and political objective, creation a new ethnic status and a news Rohingya statehood within the Rakhine State. This mislaid and myth becomes the main concern of the local Rakhine people and the government as a treat to the union future existence, hindering the reform process, and the national reconciliation process that has been gained momentum.    
If Burma is forced to break the origin of the  founding father spirit of the ethnic nationalities but recognize the Rohingya as a new ethnic status  and create a separate state, the commitment of the founding nationalities will be faded away and the union unavoidably be collapsed. We do not think the international community wants Burma dissolution of the union and reverse the reform process.  
The international community should carefully look at the problem as an immigration issue only. This is the rightful remedy of the violence in the Arakan State and long term solution.   
On the other hand, the heavily populated with the 180 million people of neighboring Bangladesh is the root cause of the illegal immigration problem in the Arakan State. The massive influx of the illegal Bengali immigrants into the Rakhine State for the last several decades eventually escalated the recent sectary violence, 77 deaths and 80,000 internally displaced since June.  
These immigration issues should be addressed urgently by the Burmese government. At the same time,   the international community should urge the Burmese and the Bangladesh governments for bilateral dialogue to accept deportation form both sides. 
With your expertise, the international body should assist the Burmese government technologies and the logistic supports to control the borders, and immigration record keeping and screening systems.  The international community should even step up and monitor the immigration process of the eligibility of the Muslim citizenship status and the illegal immigrants in the Western Burma.  
In short, we would like to thank you for your valuable times to receive our letter and hope you probably read it and ponder our sincerer expression and our vision to solve these overdue problems in the Western Burma. 
Maung San Win
General Secretary
Arakan National Supporting Committee and Arakan Refugee Relief Committee
Kuala Lumpur
cc: UN SG Office-email:

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