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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Locals accuse UNHCR of bribing Myanmar officials to free Bengali terror suspects


A group of Rakhine victims after their homes are burned down by the Bangladeshi immigrantsLocal ethnic people from the violence stricken Rakhine state are accusing the UN and INGOs of bribing government officials for the release of suspected Bengali Muslim terrorists.
Myanmar government on Thursday released some detained UNHCR and INGO members who are facing a trial for their involvements in the June rioting in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships.
Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants and terrorist suspects Kyaw Hla Aung and Win Naing in front of Sthe ittwe prison gate. (photo-Mizzima)According to a police officer from Buthidaung, all legal proceedings including investigation have already done and the accused are only waiting for the decision when they receive the release order. It is said that Saw Myint (a) Mamud, Zaw Myint and Than Naing (a) Adu High of UNHCR from Buthidaung and Win Naing and Kyaw Hla Aung of Doctors Without Borders (MSF) from Sittwe prison are among the 10 terrorist suspects who were suddenly released by the Government without any official explanation. "The release order is signed by an officer named Pyone Cho from the Home Ministry affairs" the officer added.
A Buthidaung resident who is also a lawyer told RMG that he didn't believe the suspects can be released easily like this without a special diplomatic pressure from one of the world's super power country like United States. Since they belong to illegally migrated Bangladeshi Muslim community and not the US citizens, the UN and INGO operatives must have paid a large amount of money to the officials. I am sure that they (UN and INGO officials) exploited our country's unstable law and order situation, and bad governance in helping terrorists."
It is reported that the accused Bengali Muslim migrants used their organizational computers and internet facilities to communicate with the Muslim extremist groups from Pakistan, UK and Middle Eastern countries. Their irresponsible propagation of false Muslim massacre by the local Buddhist Rakhine and Myanmar armed security forces led an uncontrollable community riot between local Buddhist Rakhine and Bengali Muslim immigrants. The said violence, according to Myanmar government report, have resulted 31 Rakhines and 46 Bengalis dead and more than four thousand houses burned down.
UN and INGOs are being accused of racial discrimination and demanded by local ethnic people to get out of their landThe UNHCR and INGO organizations that are working in Rakhine state have a long history of discriminating against the local people as they are only giving a special benefits to the Bengali immigrants while totally neglecting local Rakhine and other Myanmar ethnic people. As a result of this, the Rakhine and other ethnic victims from all over Rakhine state denied the assistance offered to them by the UN and INGOs after many Rakhine died and thousands of their houses are burned down by the Bengali migrants in the riot.
"The government has a weakness in implementing law and order of the country. We are glad to hear that a man is freed from the prison.", the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) general secretary U U Hla Saw told to Narinjara News in an interview. Those accused are somehow involved in the riot. No one should be above the law but the release of the accused without the punishment is a sad news for our Rakhine people", he continued.
Many Myanmar citizens including Myanmar people living around the world are also concerned about government's decision to release the terrorist suspects, as this move will encourage Bangladeshi illegal immigrants who want to create a new Islamic country, to create more problems against the local ethnic people.

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