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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Peaceful Public Protest in Mandalay Against Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana


Aye Aye Soe Win, Sunday, September 2, 2012: Regarding the Bengali crisis in Rakhine State of western Burma, this is how the  Burmese public is responding to the unreasonable demand of the NGOs, OIC and corrupt Burmese individuals in exile after they have all worked up a nasty plan against the welfare of the Rakhine people.
For anyone who ever wondered what the entire Burmese public have in mind, when they were saddened by the inaccurate, biased, fabricated news broadcast and printed by certain western media stations lying to the world that it was the Buddhist Rakhines who persecuted the Bengalis (Rohingya in their own term), the Burmese people have an ANSWER to the world.

The Burmese people are peaceful. They do not have stylish, high-tech broadcasting stations just as US and UK which have VOA and BBC respectively. In the wake of the manipulative fictional broadcasts by Anna Jones at BBC, series of tragedy followed. There were about 80 deaths in Rakhine State. Thousands of people were left homeless.

Today thousands of monks and civilians in Mandalay, the capital of Upper Burma, took to the streets to demonstrate against the findings of MR. TOMAS OJEA QUINTANA, a special UN officer, who came to Burma a few weeks ago to report on the communal strife between Rakhines and Bengali illegal immigrants.  Perhaps, today’s peaceful demonstration in the streets of Mandalay suggests that the Burmese people are able to give advice to the UN or any other foreign consuls:

(1) The public is  suffering successfully without any substantial help from the outside world.
(2) The foreign diplomats and UN officials , particularly the Turkish Foreign Minister and Mr. Quintana, have very little moral authority in guiding the Burmese government on the issue of the  Bengali influx in the western part of Burma.
(3) The public, being politically aware of the ambitious plans of certain interest groups funded by OIC indirectly or directly will rise up together, recognizing danger of foreign interference especially while, as much as world experts view, the OIC has not had the authority or positive influence on the daily lives of people even in Islamic countries. 

Furthermore, the powerful voice of the Burmese people, from this moment onward, will allow OIC and Mr. Quintana  little room to address their biased views and push the Burmese people around as if Burma were conveniently an ideal place to look for answers for OIC and Bengali sympathizers. Enough is enough.

If a foreign nation really wanted to help Burma in good faith, the exaggerated or false versions of the Bengali crisis in Rakhine in the month of June should not have been cited to show certain degree of sincerity in dealing with Burma. Leave alone the second largest international body like OIC, even the UN interference will not be tolerated in Burma. The Burmese people are still suffering successfully and they have a unique voice apart from the hardship imposed on their daily lives due to the system breaking down on all levels.  Today’s demonstration in Mandalay proved to  Mr. Quintana that he has no rights to envision the Rakhine State as a place for OIC’s political agenda.

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