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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Please carefully watch this movie in which Mr. Htay Lwin Oo has by purpose presented wrong information to the public

Please carefully watch this movie in which Mr. Htay Lwin Oo has by purpose presented wrong information to the public who are not familiar with real events taking place in Rakhine State, Myanmar. And go on your reading the debate of Mr. Htay Lwin Oo and Dr. Aye Chan in the International Seminar on History of Arakan ( Rakhine).

However, in this movie Mr. Htay Lwin Oo evidently says that In International Seminar on History of Arakan ( Rakhine) the audience approved his argument that Rohingyas are Rakhine and he also bolstered in this movie that he is a archeologist and he says the alphabet written in Ananda Chandra inscription is Rohingya language proved by the Myanmar government. 
Please track to his telling and prove his lying presentation with the debate of him and Dr. Aye Chan in International Seminar on History of Rakhine ( Arakan) held on March 9th, 2013 in Mahidol University, Bangkok,Thailand. 
The Following is Movie Mr. Htay Lwin Oo mislead to wrong information tot the people-

This bellow is the debate of Mr. Htay Lwin Oo and Dr. Aye Chan in international Seminar on History of Rakhine ( Arakan) in Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand on March 9th, 2013

Htay Lwin Oo asked: “ Thank you, Dr Aye Chan” and argued ( holding an article) “this is the book in history but may be you left to study about that- This is Asia State Volume V. In page number 37, the nation about the “ Rohinga” in Rakhine State. In this book, the writer mentioned about the people of Arakan. The fit is spoken by the Mahammedan who has been long staying in Arakan and who called themselves “ Rohinga” or native of Arakan. This book was published in 1801 and researcher researched in 1799 before British came to our Arakan land, they researched. If they do not find nobody in there, if they do find no Rohingya in there, why they wrote down about the name of Rohinga. In one ( Slide one may be), you explained about the “Roshang”. He ( the writer) mentioned “ Roshang” too. “ Rohinga, Roshang and Bengali- there are three kinds of people. So, Please explain me about that book”. 

Dr. Aye Chan: Could you show me that book, please? 

Htay Lwin Oo: “ Yes” and he passed the book to Dr. Aye Chan”.

Dr. Aye Chan: “ ok … ok.. I understand the question. You know, Rohang does not mean “ Rohingya people”, you know. You do not have right to have debate with me anymore. 

Htay Lwin Oo: It is not race mane? 

Dr. Aye Chan: No No.. Please, do not interrupt me.

Htay Lwin Oo: Yes. 

Dr.Aye Chan: “ Roshang or Rohong” – they were called. And….. Mai Kabuchana also called, also wrote that the Bengali people called Arakan “ Rohang or Rohong” and the Arakanese people (are called) Rohanga or Rohonga. So that is not the name of the late comers of illegal immigrant Bengalis. Ok? And what you give, I have already read this. You know I am a historian. I know what kinds of sources materials must be reliable. Ok. It ( showing the paper Htat Lwin Oo gives him) is not a primary resource. These gentlemen ( pointing Dr. Jecque and Steven) are also historian. We write only on the primary resource. We do not rely on the secondary resource. It is, ok, Bhuchana wrote Rohanga. Please read Cittagong District Gazetteer. Bengali people are ( referred to)“ Rizpi”, ok. Latest Version, Cittagong Gazetter, he wrote that we, Bengalis called that Arakan “ Rohang” and the people living in that country ( Arakan) are called “ Rohanga”, you know. This is only- that means “ Rakhine or Arakanese people”. That means.

Htay Lwin Oo: Okey. In that book, they mentioned about that mohammedents, not the Rakhine. Mohammedents, they called themselves “ Rohanga” and they…. The book showed that they ….

Dr. Aye Chan: Not the Rohanga language, you know. Rohanga language is Arabic language.

Htay Lwin Oo: Not, you see that, please:
Dr.Aye Chan: Please go there ( it is said because Htay Llwin Oo moved very close to stage presenting), you do have right to say in front.

Htay Lwin Oo: Ok, Ok ( he moved backwards). 

Dr.Aye Chan: you know, the sources you brought is not a primary resource. You must admit ( Htay Lwin Oo replied “ ok”) I gave all primary resources, not secondary resources. So you brought only the secondary resources. That is why, my theories are stronger more than yours. Another thing…. Another thing, Micle Buchana called, wrote that the Arakanese settled down in Cittagong District and they were called by Bengalis as “ Rohanga”. That is why, rohanga is only for the name of Rakhine people, not for the Bengali immigrants. It is very clear. 

( Mr. Htay Lwin Oo does not seem to know what is Primary Resource and Secondary Resource which is able studied in Master Degree Level in academia. Mr. Htay Lwin Oo graduated in Myanmar from Yangon University. But I hear that he mentions in this movie Primary resource which was learned from Dr. Aye Chan to be able to say this in international Seminar on History of Rakhine ( ARakan) held in Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand). 

the Following is Dr. Aye Chan Presentation:

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