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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Four-Point Agreement Signed between MNP and Mon National Negotiating Team

copy of 4-point agreement signed at the meeting by All Mon national negotiating team and Mon National Party (Photo: IMNA)
copy of 4-point agreement signed at the meeting by All Mon national negotiating team and Mon National Party (Photo: IMNA)

The Mon National Party (MNP) has signed a four-point agreement, assisted by the senior Mon monk led All Mon National Negotiating Team, at the party’s Tuesday, July 8th public meeting. The MNP will hold a party conference after the step-by-step construction of the party is complete. The MNP public meeting, held at Sarsana 2500 Monastery in the Moulmein capital of Mon State, achieved consensus between the MNP and the negotiating team on a four-point agreement. Sayar Daw Maydar Nonda, Chairman of the All Mon Negotiating Team, signed the agreement on behalf of the negotiating team, and Nai Tin Aung, Chairman of the MNP, signed on behalf of the MNP, while Sayar Daw Thilar Sarya, Vice-Chairman of the All Mon Rehmonya Dhammarcariya Association and Nai Win Hla, Executive Committee member of the New Mon State Party, signed as witnesses of the agreement.
The four points agreed upon at Tuesday’s meeting include the formation and management of the MNP in accordance with the specific methods agreed upon with the negotiating team, including the party’s step-by-step and final formation; to draw-up the responsibilities and numbers of chairpersons and advisors, and officially recognize the formation of the MNP; for the party to use the new flag and logo suggested by Mon monks and the Mon people; and, finally, to continue to hold meetings with the All Mon National Negotiating Team if any matters arise concerning the previous three points.
Although the Mon Democracy Party (MDP) was approved to change its name to the MNP by the Union Election Committee in Burma’s Nay Pyi Taw capital on March 28, 2014, the party only re-installed new signboards at village-level, township-level and headquarter offices, and has yet to change the party’s logo and flag.
“We are planning to hold a [MNP] conference this coming January. The party’s constitution and laws will be recognized at the meeting and as recognized, the party’s flag and logo will be changed. At the moment, we are only changing new signboard of our party at respective offices,” said MNP’s Joint-Secretary 1, Dr. Min Kyi Min.
Dr. Min Kyi Min states that the MNP will hold a central conference to select party leaders after meetings are held in respective villages and townships. Dr. Min Kyi Min notes that the MNP has been training Mon youths and women to play a role in Mon politics.
“So,” says Dr. Min Kyi Win, “anyone who would like to become party members will take up from the beginning step [position].”
Ashin Kayma Nonda, Vice-Chairman of the All Mon National Negotiating Team, addressed the fact that input of Mon senior monks’ point of view is essential but, due to health problems, current senior monks should take chairmanship positions or act as advisors for the party, while the MNP Executive Committee (EC) should be include participation of Mon youths and women. The EC will designate 25% of its seats for Mon youths and another 25% for Mon women.
“For the MNP to represent the whole Mon [population], it must work with Mon youths and Mon women, and train them for leadership [positions],” highlights Ashin Kayma Nonda in an interview with IMNA.
The MNP and All Mon National Negotiating Team conducted an informal meeting on July 5th at Auk-Pagu Monastery in Moulmein, Mon State. At Tuesday’s conference, the MNP signed the four-point agreement before 85 monks and more than 200 patriotic Mon people.

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